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It is exactly what it sounds like. When you have carpet that you have to extend the life out of or your floors have to look at its best all the time then you need carpet care. Carpet Care is basically regular scheduled carpet cleanings to make sure that it gets the attention it deserves prolonging the life of your asset. With Janitorial Carpet Cleaning's carpet care we would make atleast 1 visit every other week. That way we could take care of at least all the small and major stains and rejuvenate the heavily soiled traffic areas where people travel the most. Not to mention the rugs and keeping them looking like they were just purchased from the vendor. We strive to keep every inch of your carpet looking at its best at every moment.

Who Do You Provide Carpet Care For?
We provide carpet care for any establishment that would like to schedule frequent carpet cleans. It can be a church, a school, an office building, a casino, a home with a lot of dogs, nursing homes, day cares, apartment complexes, hospital and hotels just to say the least. To give you a better idea of how carpet care is implemented and how it's consistency works and is applied we have listed and example below.

Example of Carpet Care:

When you think of carpet care let us use a hotel as an example. They have ends upon ends carpeted areas in there banquet rooms, hallways, common areas, elevators some times, and stairs. Plus not to mention they have lets say for this example 240 rooms, 36 hallways, 6 banquet rooms used atleast twice a month not to mention the 72 flights of stairs. Now lets go over the element of our example again. This example hotel has:
6 common areas of 3000 square feet of carpet= 18000 square feet.
240 rooms does not matter the size to us becuase we give flat rates on rooms in hotels
36 hallways that are 6' in width but stretch 200'. So we have 36 hallways with 1200 sqare feet of carpet in each.
6 banquet rooms with 5000=30000 square feet and remeber that they are used twice a month.
36 flights with 12 stairs per flght and this is the same on the opposite side of the build and they want every inch of the building clean every three months. Plus immediately after one of the banquet halls have been used then they have to be cleaned. They might have it rented out the next day to and we are starting our carpet cleaning campaign with this hotel at the first of the year. So in one month we have to clean this entird hotel and then after we completely clean it, it is our responsibility to do it again and keep it cleaned 3 times a year. For the sake of easy understaning no one will be allowed to enter the hotel for atleat a month so we have time to prepare.

Where do we start?

First our team would immediatley start with all the open areas such as the 6 banquet rooms because that more than likely have the least amount of furniture to bread down and remove which will save us a lot of time. Now, remeber we are doing carpet care and our responsibility is the carpet. So before anything happens our number 1 rule is to remove all debris and vacuum the floor. I disagree with carpet cleaners who beleive that our machine is so big that it will pick up everything because its a vacuum as well. I beleive some of that is true but for the most part you are actually doing more harm than good. Simply because when you spray from your carpet wand the solution that neutralizes the shampoo, you are actually just pounding the dirt even further into the carpet. But we have thought about it and maybe this is a tricky way to maintain carpet cleaning job security. So the staff at Janitorial Carpet Cleaning always vacuums everything with a very high powered vacuum to ensure we are providing the best quality of service to our customers. In addition the staff at Janitorial Carpet Cleaning have made slight adjustments to the floor tool attachment of there vacuums by attaching actual brushes around the head making it more like a push broom with suction. Pushing it deep into the carpet and agitating the dirt to get even more dirt out. It may sound like its a lot of work but we already did it. Next step attach to our backs and begin vacuuming every inch of carpet. Once that is done then we apply the carpet shampoo which should have no problems getting to the bottom of the carpet fibers and really sinking into them because of our improvised vacuum brush. Then we look around to see if there are any area of the carpet that need special attention sush as soild stains, matted down high traffic areas, discolorations in the carpets natural color and texture and so on. Once identitied we drench those arears with a high concentrate of carpet shampoo, take a deck scrubbing brush with nylon bristles because they are soft enough not to damage the carpet but course enough to rub out the stains. Plus they make the carpet shampoo sud up in the carpet where you can actually see the dirt being pushed out as you continue to brush. Repeat the process for dirty high traffic areas but when we brush it, we brush it every which way excepet the way that it is laying down. Usually is use a Windsor grout hog with a worn down brush to not only agitate the carpet with the shampoo in it, but it works amazing on bringing the best our of soiied, matted down carpet.

Once thats done, then what?

Then we spray the carpet with shampoo and brush the rest of carpet using the grout hog. Its a rotary brush system with 781 revolutions per minute that does an extraordinary job at agitating already treated carpets. Its almost like using a lawnmower for carpet cleaning instead of the machine propelling you forward, we actually have to drag this backwards to get the best effect of agitation for large open carpeted areas. Because of this machine I have literally have done 3500 square feet of carpet by myself in less than 3 hours and it could not have come out better. So while someone is spraying carpet shampoo, someone else is messaging it into the carpets with the grout hog, and the person working behing him is the extractor. Removing the carpet solution from the carpet. This process cuts our time in half and we can cover more ground by this cohesive effort and never skip a beat until one of our carpet cleaning devices runs out of solution. Then we apply that method of cohesiveness to all of the carpets in the establishment until we are sure that we've covered all ground with carpet on it. Do the same thing to the rooms and hallways until it is comepletely done.

Now we can put together a plan to care of it.

We will assume that the client request that all the carpets in the establishent should be cleaned every 3 months after that. So now what we would do is break our work into four visits a year asside from when the banquet halls are used which need to be cleaned every time they have been in use. So for now forget that they exist and they will make contact with you when they need you to come clean them.

The Rooms:

There are 240 roomes which they only need cleaned once a year unless there is an emergency. So we can assume to evenly distribute the work over time every 3 months we would have to clean 80 of those rooms to cover your quota and stay on track.

The 36 hallways:

Well we have already cleaned it once and so our next visit should be in about 3 months from the time we finish. So each visit after that 12 of those hallway would have to be completely cleaned in for us not to fall behing. You can even break it down even furthur and do 4 hallways a month after that if we get board for some ungodly reason. But no reason to do that in this example, lets just try to keep as simple as possibe. Then we still have the 6 rather large commons area.

The Commons:

Clean 6 rather large common areas every 3 months to keep yourself on track and maintain this large account. So once a month all you would have to is clean 2 of them and and start all over again after 3 months and do it all of over again. Not to mention we always visit our carpet care clients frenquently to make sure that the carpet is looking at its finest and to inspect and take note of the things such as stains, high traffic areas and things of that nature so on you next carpet care visit you have a pretty good idea of what and where the major stains are at. Then we just perform to make sure you get the best carpet care in the city of Omaha, Ne and it's surrounding areas. We make sure that your carpet is our number one priority?