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Omaha Carpet Cleaning

Then you have definitely come to the right place here at Janitorial Carpet Cleaning. What we do best is carpet cleaning and when we say carpet cleaning we actually mean clean the carpets. No extra charges for stain removal because that is part of the carpet that we are cleaning. So if we cleaned the carpet and didn't remove the stain because you specifically pay for a stain to be removed then you didn't clean the carpets. Right? Well not here, what we try to do is just give you a flat rate that will take of the conditions of your carpets and the stains with in them. So if you want a Carpet Cleaning Deal that we will be running all year long here they are right here.

Omaha Janitorial Carpet Cleaning Deal-1500sqft for $175

That is a current special going on right now. $175 for up to 1500 house. You can take that price and compare it to any other carpet cleaner in our area and see if he can beat that price. $175 Professional and quality carpet cleaning that another carpet cleaning company would charge you 0.25 a square foot for and not even get you the same results and would probably charge you an extra fee for stain removal. Janitorial Carpet Cleaning likes to keep our customers happy with affordable pricing and quality service. Removing stains is part of our job and leaving the carpet smelling fresh is the best way to give the customer the satisfaction that they want and deserve at their homes. So we employ the use of essnetial oils with microbial properties and put a couple of drops of that in our carpet cleaning solution and spray that onto you carpet. That is a courtesy on us with no extra charge. Call Janitorial Carpet Cleaning when ever you need a carpet cleaning and you have a 1500 square foot house hold all you have to pay is $175 dollars and that is a gaurantee. We are the most affordable carpet cleaning company in the Omaha, Ne area with the quality and professionalism to match. Our carpet cleaning technicians always are ready to accomadate our customers. So give Janitorial Carpet Cleaning a call a schedule your $175 carpet cleaning today.

Omaha Janitorial Carpet Cleaning Deal-5 Rooms for $99

This is another one of our year round specials is we will clean the carpets in 5 rooms in your house for an astonishing $99. Now is that a carpet cleaning deal or what? Quality and professional carpet cleaning that you can schedule though out the year, maybe even twice a year to help maintain the integrity of the carpet in your home. Rooms are limited to up to 350 square feet but will do 400 square feet for a couple of the rooms. We are not saying that if all the rooms are 400 square feet. The main thing that we want to get across is that if you have 5 rooms and you need a good carpet cleaner to get those carpets as clean as possible. Then call the carpet cleaning professional at Janitorial Carpet Cleaning and take advantage of this exciting $99 deal. You wont be able to find this carpet cleaning price for this much space any where. Call Janitorial Carpet Cleaning at 402-547-7883 or fill out the form on the top of the page and lets schedule you a quality and professional $99 carpet clean and get those carpets back to where they use to be.

3 Bedrooms, A Hallway, and 7 Stairs for $69

Yes this is another one of Janitorial Carpet Cleaning amazingly affordable carpet cleaning deals. We will clean 3 bedrooms, a hallway, and 7 stairs for only $69 dollars garaunteed. Again there is no other carpet cleaning company in the Omaha, Ne area offering a carpet cleaning deal like this. Take this price to any carpet cleaner you want and we bet he can not match this deal. Our carpet cleans come with the finest quality and standards when it comes to getting results. We know that when we come to a carpet cleaning job affordable pricing is something that everone is looking for. So our marketing team keep a price for a carpet clean for every kind of budge. This is a carpet cleaning deal no one who has carpet in there home should wanna miss. Call any time to schedule your Omaha Carpet Cleaning Deal for and affordable $69 at 402-547-7883. This carpet cleaning deal will be here for a while.

Omaha Janitorial Carpet Cleaning Deal:
Single Rooms Start at $25

Depending on the condition of the carpet of course but if you just have one single room that is heavily stained, needs a urine treatment, or just needs a good carpet cleaning. The call the carpet cleaning professionals at Janitorial Carpet Cleaning to take care of the job for you. And Yes Our prices start at only $25 for one room. Now we door require that you get a minumum of 2 rooms cleaned or maybe contract one of our other services while we are there like an auto detail and we can give you a discounted price on that. We just appreciate the business and want to give our customers as much for there money as we can. So for our customers we make acceptions all the time. Cleaning one room in a house or business is a good way to attract new clients and they already know what they want and what they are pay for. this makes business easy for us as well. Call Janitorial Carpet Cleaning at 402-547-7883 to get a room in your house, condo, or apartment for just $25. Call now