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Omaha Janitorial Services

Janitorial Carpet Cleaning has the best cleaning deals for you home or business and garaunteed quality assurance. The best and most affordable carpet cleaning, auto detailing, upholstery cleaning, bed bug removal, apartment rental clean ups any cleaner or cleaning company has to offer in our area. Every day our staff think of something different to expand on the services we prove to Omaha and it's surrounding areas and the best way to introduce it is as a cleaning deal. Which it actually is and we try to never take away the pricing deals on services we try to give you more of a selction.

What Kind Of Janitorial Services

We are currently running deals priced at $69 and $99 for the public to take advantage of. These are just great affordable way to get some professional cleaning done with out spending alot of money and more than likely get more than what you pay for because our staff like to make sure that our client get there monies worth. We plan to run a daily deal that will be posted on craigslist, our google+, and face book just to name a few.

General Janitorial Maintenance

For $99 our carpet cleaning technicians will come and clean 5 rooms in your home. The most quality and professional carpet clean performed with the most intensity you'll ever see out of anyone cleaning carpets. The best results you can get from a carpet cleaner i a more than reasonable amount of time. We usually start our carpet cleanin prices at 15 cents a square foot and the more carpet area you have the more you save on the the total amount your pay.That is what makes this such a great carpet cleaning deal is because after those five rooms for $99 are cleaned there really isn't much left. None of the other carpet cleaning companies or carpet cleaners are offering deals like this and now it's available to every. If you would like to set up an appointment to take advantage of this fantastic carpet cleaning offer then call 402-547-7883 and ask for Hopeton Hewett. If you want to turn this amazing carpet cleaning deal into an amazing carpet cleaning deal then fill out the form at the top of the page and save $10 dollars on this already extraordinary carpet cleaning deal. So now your cost drops down to $89 and you still get the same quality and professionaiism as promised and provided before. We have deviced our own carpet cleaning methods to bring the best out of there carpets even if it is at ther worst. So take advantage of this exclusive offer today.

Carpet Cleaning

For $69 Janitorial Carpet Cleaning has 3 services for that price that are extremely great deal. The reason they are great cleaning deals is because all of them come to you for only $69. You have your choice of getting an auto detail, an upholstery cleaning, or get 3 rooms, 7 stairs, and a hallway. All for just $69 dollars just take your pick. You can even get all 3 of the services for $165 but all items must be in the same location. You can choose 2 of the services and pay $128 dollars. We leave those choices up to the customer and clients but what our company wants to make sure is that you have options and competitive pricing for quality carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and auto detailing. The best thing about all these $69 deals is that they all come to you. You literally dont have to lift a finger. We will bring carpet cleaning company to your couch and house, and the auto detail company to your driveway. If you would like to set an appointment for any one of these individual services call 402-547-7883. If you would like to save an extra $10 then fill out the form on the top of the page and contact us by email and we will get back to you promptly.

Steam Mopping

Janitorial Carpet Cleaning is probably the most dynamic cleaning company in Omaha, Ne and it's surrounding areas not only for the services we provide but how we privide them with speed and mobility that give customer and clients choices that result in customer satisfaction. We don't just focus on one area of cleaning because that limits the amount of service that we can provide for our clients and community. Our list of services are listed at the top to the left but are always increasing because of the innovative thinking of our staff. So as of right now we perform residential carpet cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, carpet care, janitorial maintenance, tile and grout cleaning, office cleaning, apartment rental clean-ups, construction clean-up, steam cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing, bed bug removal, upholstery cleaning, we get rental properties ready to rent, and have a mobile detailing unit so you can have your car detailed at your home. Just to name a few. If you see a service that you could use, don't hesitate to call and ask about our pricing. We accept all competitors deals and coupons.

Stain Removal

Well for people who like to keep there cars, trucks, boats, mobile homes and SUVs looking at there best we offer a Mobile Detailing service. This detail services is mobile because we beleive that there is no reason for you to have to drop your car off some where, only to wait in line for it to be cleaned. Wouldn't be alot more convenient for the customer if you could make one call and have someone come to you to give your car, truck, mobile home, boat, or SUV a professional detail and it'll never leave where you parked it. Sounds like this way you save gas, time and money because our prices blow the competition out of the water.


You only need 1 room cleaned in your house, the carpet cleaning professionas at Omaha Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial Service has got you covered on that. We try to have a marketing plan that pretty much can fit into anyones budget or price range. So if there is only ! room in your house, apartment, or condo that needs to be cleaned the call the Omaha Carpet Cleaning Professionals at 402-547-7883

$25-$40 Janitorial Service and Office Cleaning

The staff at Omaha Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial Service can also take care of your office and building as well charging only $25 to $40 per hour for janitorial maintenance or office cleaning. Providing our customers with state of the art cleaning tools to make sure we bring the best out of the place you do business every time we visit. Vacuuming instead of sweeping and using steam instead of mopping to get a more effective clean and a more effencient one as well. Call the janitorial and office cleaning consultants at Omaha Carpet Cleaning And Janitorial Service at 402-547-7883 for a free estimate. If you choose to communicate by email, fill out the form at the top of the page and we will be with you at our earliest convenience.