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Omaha Office Cleaners

When someone or a potential client steps into your office for the first time it sets a tone. The tone is set by the cleanliness, the smell, the people presentations, and the level of organization. We just aim at keeping you office as clean as possible because we know that is you businesses appearance to the world. Our office cleaners know what to do to clean your work space and keep it clean for visits to come. So when you come to work in the morning, or to your place of business you know what kind of service you have recieved because it shows Polished wood, desk whipped and shined to the point you can see your own reflection. trash cans emptied and taken out filled with new liners. A clean work space is a great way to start the day and when you call Janitorial Carpet Cleaning to take care of you office space for you, your office will be just that much cleaner when we leave because we like to do a better cleaning job on every visit.

What Duties Are Performed.

We perform all janitorial duties from wiping down the tables chairs and desk, to vacuuming the floors, to steaming the carpets and rugs to get rid of dust allergen. If you have carpeted area in your office, on every visit they will be steamed to kill dust mights and prevent allergens. We also removed stains as a courtesy and give draw dropping pricing on carpet cleaning. If your office's floor has a hard surface or tile we generally steam mop it for a few reasons. One being the it is the most effective way to kill %100 of harmful bacteria, viruses, and germs. The second reason being is that with a conventional mop and bucket you are actually creating a more of a long term problem then you are a solution. When you think about the concept we must really understand what we are really dealing with. A bucket full of water mixed with cleaning solution. Then you dip what is considered to be a clean mop into what is assumed to be fresh cleaning solution. Get the mop drenched in the cleaning solutions and ring it out. Proceed to remove dirt from the door by mopping. The clean the mop by sticking it back in the bucket with the cleaning solution and ring it out once again and continue to use this to clean your floors with. When you feel the mop is dirty then you stick it back in this same bucket of water to presumably clean the mop off when you ring it out. There are simpler way to make your office %200 cleaner, disinfecting and sanitizing your office in a way that is environmentally friendly and safe for every one. It is a very inexpensive and affordable service and gauranteed to have a more cleaning affect on every part of your office. We refer to it as steam mopping.

Steam Mopping For Office Cleaning?

Of course because your office needs to be at its neatest and best when a potential client enters. There should not be a like of dust visual in the room any where and your floors should shine no matter the surface. So at Janitorial Carpet Cleaning to effectively clean, sanitize, and disinfect not to mention killing %100 of harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria. Steaming you carpet once a will kill dust mites in your floor so they will never pop up when people step on it. Janitorial Carpet Cleaning commercial steamers to get the job done right and keep cost down for clients. They are %100 affective at cleaning more so than anything out there and we are willing to prove it. We use steam to go over the walls, floors, chairs, desks, and even the windows. Giving your office a since of clean like you've never felt before knowing all surfaces have been steam cleaned.


With one of the most high powered vacuum on the market. Most back pack vacuums that are top notch have about 100 inches of water lift. Now that is an amazing amount of water lift for a professional vacuum that you plan to clean an office with but our's get 120 inches of water lift and comes with a HEPA filter to detain all of the microscopic dust that we pick up stays in the vacuum giving our clients the best job possible. These vacuums do great jobs on hard floors where you would regularly use a broom. No need which give our Janitorial Professionals the necessary tool to do a more effecient job faster getting more done in a shorter period of time.Giving us time to do more for you. We have every attachment you can think of and there is not a crevice nor a crease that our janitorial staff can not get to comfortably they to vacuum it. Clean all of the floors, surfaces, walls, upholsteries, thoroughly. Then clean the bathrooms starting with the urinals until we have removed all stains an blemishes. Repeat this process to for the sink and toilet. Then Steam the walls and floors and clean the window. Refill the toilet paper and and paper towel then replace the trash liner. When your office is vacuumed and steamed correctly you, your employees, client, and just plain visitors will notice a definite difference in your offices appearance.