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Omaha Carpet Cleaning-Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Every business with carpets would do its self very well by getting their carpets cleaned about every sixth months dependind on the amount of traffic and what kind of business it is. Factor in is there going to items planted on the floor for long periods of time because that could have a small impact as well. The first thing a person sees when they step into a business is the floors and if there is a large stain, or a path of matted carpet leading them somewhere they will definitely notice that to. That is not alway the best for the purpose of appearance but it works for some business. Keeping the floors cleaned is essential to the appearance and if you have commercial carpets, Then there is no better commercial carpet cleaners than the professionals at Omaha Janitorial Carpet Cleaning. We have our own standard method for dealing with deep soiled high traffic areas where stains can get soiled quickly. Bring the appearance of your carpet to the best it can be.

Omaha Commercial Carpet Cleaning Deal for $200:

For a set price of $200 we can do upto and maybe a little bit over 2250 sqft. This service includes attention to the high traffic areas and maximum stain removal. No what kind of carpets you have planted on the floor of you commercial property, the carpet cleaning professionals at Omaha Janitorilal Carpet Cleaning know what treatment is best for your carpet. So If you have 2,250 square feet of carpet office space who is going to give you a better deal than that. That price is garaunteed and no carpet cleaning company in our area can beat it. Call around and check that prices and see how ourprices compares to other companies.

What Does Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning include?

Our commercial cleaning process is the most effective and effiecient way to solve deep stains and high traffic areas. When the carpet is matted down to the padding it has to be slow heated and simultaneously brushed to lift the fibers up. This way you can get underneath the carpet that has been pushed and matted down due to the high traffic. Once that step is complete our carpet cleaning techicians continue to brush the areas of impact in order to continue to loosen the matted down fibers of carpet. When they start to stand on their own, know we have completed half of the process. Once again give it a good vacuuming and to remove all the stuck debris and anything else that could corrupt the cleanliness of the rug before you apply a high concetrate of high traffic carpet cleaning solution. In these situations it is almost better to over do it because immediatly after you apply the soap we use powerful deck scrubbing brushes to separate the soiled grime and sand form the carpet fibers making it easier to separate during the how water extraction. Once We have given proper attention to the most serious areas of the carpet then we start our routine process of carpet cleaning the rest of the property. We vacuum the entire establishment thoroughly using high quality vacuums with high powered suction and remove as much dirt, dust, and debris as possible. Then with a mixture of carpet cleaning solution and hot water make a carpet prespray shampoo that is adequate to thoroughly clean the rest of the carpets. Apply the carpet cleaning solution even around the rest of the carpet and start brushing the shampoo in until sud appear and with those suds dirt should naturally come out of the carpet as the carpet cleaning technician continues to brush every inch of the carpet for maximum agitation for a better scent, and a better clean all together. Loosening all the dirt and foreign agents in the carpet making no problem for the extractor to apply the neutralizing solution thruogh the sprayer and suck out everything we just brushed out. Leaving the commercial carpet looking at its finest and leaving the customer satisfied.

Omaha Commercial Carpet Cleaning Special For $100:

For $100 commercial carpet cleaning Omaha Janitorial Carpet Cleaning will clean up to 1100 square feet. That is right but this also depends on the condition of the carpet. We don't want to have so spend more than 2 hours on the whole job but we will vacuum, remove all visible stains, prespray a very high concentrated carpet cleaning shampoo to make sure you get the most of of you $100. Once we let the carpet shampoo sit for 5 to 10 minutes so it can seep deeper into the enzymes and fibers of the carpet to do its job and clean more effectively then we brush it in. We brush in the carpet cleaning soap intensely because this is the most important part of the carpet clean to us. We must get the full use out of the carpet cleaning shampoos purpose in order for the carpet extractor to be able to do it's job better and remove not only what we put down there but was there before we arrived there as well. If you would like to take advantage of our $100 exclusive commercial carpet cleaning offer then fill out the form at the top of the page with you contact information or call 402-547-7883 and we will schedule your commercial carpet cleaning when it is convenient for you, morning, noon, or night
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